Easy Action Records released a couple Lou shows you may have missed

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Easy Action Records released a couple Lou shows you may have missed

Post by MJG196 » 06 Sep 2017 14:09

I've picked up several EA releases over the past few months, and am very pleased with them. Yes, they are long-bootlegged shows, but the time and effort that EA has put into them, not to mention the modest pricing, caught my attention and my $$.

These releases are neither unofficial nor bootlegs (as is the case with every EA release). Sister Ray Enterprises inc is credited on each release.

- Alice Tully Hall: A mere £5.99 (about $7.75)! Remastered and a definite improvement over my old boot CD-R. This is also available on EA's freshly remastered American Poet "Redux" 2LP/2CD release, which I have not purchased yet. According to the site: "Re-Packaged with completely new design photos and liner notes housed in deluxe card gatefold sleeve." This Alice Tully Hall recording is the "broadcast" version, and is not the mystery recording RCA made, allegedly intended for release. This does not include two Lenox Inn songs which often were thrown onto Alice Tully Hall boots.

- Waltzing Matilda (Love Has Gone Away): A 2CD set of the 2nd and 3rd-best recordings from the 1978 Street Hassle tour (the best being Park West, Chicago, which is my personal all-time fave Lou boot). Again, the price was right, and the presentation is, too. 2 discs and a booklet housed in "inner sleeves" inside a cardboard gatefold sleeve. Music journalist/author Dick Porter provided liner notes.
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