Thunderthigh sighting

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Thunderthigh sighting

Post by Sheila Klein » 23 Oct 2017 04:57

A friend of mine who lives in Cambridge, England sent this report a few days ago:
This was an unexpected encounter in my local bicycle shop. There was another customer in there, a lady in her late sixties, I’d say. As is the way, Colin the shop’s owner and the two of us chatted away, she saying that she was a little deaf due to “all the music.” I asked her what sort of music and she explained she sang on records in the 70s. Who for? Lou Reed – Walk on the Wildside. You’re a Thunderthigh! I said. And she was. She told me about the session and how grumpy Lou was -- it was early. He eased up a bit and asked them about their nail polish and was quite sweet.

Her name is Casey Synge and must live near me –- you wouldn’t come far to visit Colin’s shop.

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Re: Thunderthigh sighting

Post by Mark » 26 Oct 2017 11:53

Pretty cool. Looks like she'll also have worked with Jerry Lee Lewis and Mott the Hoople. Not bad.
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