Anyone else read the new DeCurtis Lou bio?

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Anyone else read the new DeCurtis Lou bio?

Postby leamanc » 31 Oct 2017 01:10

I read it, and it's perfectly fine. Can't say I learned a whole lot, except for some details about Lou's younger years. That part covered a lot of territory I had never read anywhere before.

Of course, not being a Velvet Underground book specifically, it breezes past 1965-1970 pretty damn quick. But I suppose that comes with the territory of trying to tell the story of a musician's 5-decade career. We get as much time devoted to Mistrial as we do White Light/White Heat.

There were a few stories posted leading up to the book's release where DeCurtis talked about how he would have to show the "ugly" side of Lou to tell the truth, and some fans may come away from it with a bad taste in their mouth over all the "revelations." But nothing was truly shocking. Who didn't know Lou was a dick, who became more and more of a control freak as time went on (starting with ousting Cale from the VU)? Who didn't know that he consumed massive amounts of alcohol and other drugs, and that he wasn't a good husband until he sobered up and married Laurie? Who didn't know that he sabotaged the VU reunion in 1993 by treating Cale, Sterling and Moe like his latest backup band?

Still, this will probably be the best and most comprehensive Lou bio we ever get. It's certainly not bad. I enjoyed it. It just didn't live up to pre-release hype of having shocking revelations.

Anyone else read it yet, and have some thoughts on it?

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