Anyone else read the new DeCurtis Lou bio?

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Re: Anyone else read the new DeCurtis Lou bio?

Post by velvetfan » 10 Dec 2017 21:27

pineappleaftermath wrote:
Sheila Klein wrote:This one is damn interesting:

It's an odd duck of a book, but considering how maligned she was by Lou over the years it's valuable to finally get her story, biased though it may be, on the record.
I read this one too, and boy the writing is... not great either. Kinda cringeworthy at times. But again, I would recommend it for the content if you are interested in Lou because of the time period plus it gives some insight into his personality and behaviour, both good and bad. And as you said it's good to get her story because what was written about her in the Transformer biography isn't true.
I just finished and I must admit, it is absolutely through Bettye colored glasses. I liked some of the tidbits and insights and I see she was influential in his early solo career but she sounded needy and "I made Lou Reed" "If it hadn't been for me..." She was important but in hindsight I think Lou would have been fine without her. I felt almost like a voyeur at times but I got some insight that I never would have had without the book. I am into DeCurtis' book now and it is like a pallet cleanser. I like his deep research so as I go on...we will see. :P

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