VU Soundtrack Shenanigins

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VU Soundtrack Shenanigins

Post by Elvis Plebsley » 21 Oct 2018 16:08

Some interest was expressed in the soundtrack edits that I have made, so here's what I've got.

Nico Crying/Exit Music (39 minutes) - this is dubbed from a dvdr of a single screen version of the Chelsea Girls Movie, it has some drop-outs and a couple of tape glitches. However, this means that you'll get the music free of Pope Ondine's monologue. Unfortunately the Exit music is cut grom the DVDr, so I've patched it in from the best sounding source that I have; it's lossy, but superior to the old lossless version that used to circulate. It is the same audience recording btw.

Gerard Malanga Story (13 minutes) - dubbed from the same dvdr which means it's free of the dialogue from the reel which plays simultaneously on the split screen version. I've removed much of Maria Menkens most over the top bits. As a result the dialogue is a bit of a Burroughs/Gysin cut-up.

Hedy (cut the chat edit) - 18 minutes long. An attempt to balance the dialogue and keep as much as possible of the music. It sounds better than the Screen Test boot on Youtube. Again the dialogue is a bit cut up.

My editing skills are rudimentary and the original sources are a bit rough, so don't expect too much. If you have Dropbox and want to listen to them, pm me and I'll link you up.

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Re: VU Soundtrack Shenanigins

Post by iaredatsun » 23 Oct 2018 11:15

Thank-you for sharing the files!
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