Details about Lou's archive

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Details about Lou's archive

Post by marknaveh » 25 Oct 2018 15:19 ... Ht9TVOU0uo

Some interesting snippets of information: Lou covering Dylan's "Don't Think Twice" in 1963; seven unknown songs on the 1965 demo; soundboards of classic 70's shows (Columbia U 9.21.79 -- I WANT THAT!). It's great that it will all be available to the public but hopefully it won't just be at the library in New York.

Oh, and Moe's nickname for Lou. Priceless.

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Re: Details about Lou's archive

Post by bradski » 27 Oct 2018 11:22

What a great read! Thanks.
any sounds that we feel would detract from the performance has been left in place

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Re: Details about Lou's archive

Post by MJG196 » 30 Oct 2018 17:43

I'm using that photo for some Gigography corrections!
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