Jackson Browne on his time at The Dom

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Jackson Browne on his time at The Dom

Post by Sheila Klein » 12 Nov 2018 03:29

From 1998 book Follow The Music: The Life And High Times Of Elektra Records In The Great Years Of American Pop Culture:
Tim [Buckley] was in the Village, at this place Andy Warhol had put up, the Dom. A lot of uptown patrons, business people, stockbrokers, artsy, coming to the Village to get a glimpse of Warhol. He had a film loop of a sky diver falling endlessly, floating, and another one of someone eating a candy bar with this kind of intent look. Nico was on the bill. There were 20'-high posters of her all over town -- beautiful. She was always compared to Marlene Dietrich, with this deep voice and German accent, but less arctic than Dietrich. I was transfixed by her. She had this bunch of songs -- songwriting was the event -- a Tim Hardin song, an unrecorded Dylan song, a Donovan song, a James Taylor song, a Leonard Cohen song. Cohen used to come in and listen to her. Tim asked me if I wanted the job accompanying her, and I said "Absolutely." Tim would back up Nico and play a set of his own and not take it very seriously. He didn't like this place or any of the people in it. He would sing a lot of Johnny Cash songs or whatever he felt like doing, and after a week he said "Hah," and he was out of there.

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Re: Jackson Browne on his time at The Dom

Post by alfredovu » 18 Nov 2018 18:55

Funny most of the ads read “singing the sounds or the songs of the velvet underground” and Browne does not mention the VU...

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