Seeking a couple of Cale shows

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Re: Seeking a couple of Cale shows

Post by gazatthebop » 23 Jan 2019 18:40

I've just started to make a list of my Cale concert tapes, up to 600 so far but no intention of uploading anything to dime though...forgotten how to do it anyway, sorry.
The Hunter/Ronson thing isn't in circulation, never say never but it's unlikely to be released. From memory the vocals are split between Cale and Hunter, one song could be Ronson, i asked his wife about it but she didn't know it existed. Ian Hunter remembers some of what went on, don't think anyone has ever asked Cale's opinion. It sounds totally improvised, what i have for the most part is around 50 mins of full songs. I believe the tapes are owned by Cale's (also the VU) lawyer, given to him by Cale. He made an attempt to get label interest some time ago but failed....don't know why.

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