VU&N UK pressing oddity

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Re: VU&N UK pressing oddity

Post by simonm » 27 Feb 2019 23:15

Haha! Gordon, I was relying on you to sort this one out ;)
My copy also has the uk sticker on the back torn off so that's no help. But having 'Copyright Control' instead of of a real publisher does suggest earlier. It's not really exciting, but it *is* odd.

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Re: VU&N UK pressing oddity

Post by anagrama » 05 Mar 2019 23:18

lurid wrote:
27 Feb 2019 20:33
(I seem to have in my mind that there was a 1969 UK reissue but I can't remember why I think that)
I've got what I believe to be a '69 UK copy - it's this:
Basically identical to the 1st edition, but without the "Sold in the UK subject to resale price conditions" text on the labels.
From what I gathered reading up on Beatles variations, the "Sold in the UK..." text was present on all EMI-pressed labels until mid '69, hence the assumption that copies without it are later.

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Re: VU&N UK pressing oddity

Post by alfredovu » 06 Mar 2019 07:59

I do have both also. First i got was the odd one bought 22 years ago. Original owner had made the proper corrections on the record labels so was easy for my to spot the mess! Sticker was removed partially to show the V6 ref.
The second has the corrected references , the 2315 056 SUPER sticker and a really nice Polydor inner sleeve Head Hunters Get a Head listing releases of several groups. For the VU the 4 lp are listed under MGM logo. Then the UK WlWh 2353 024 should be dated October 1971 as well (1976 in Olivier’s)
The other side of the sleeve is colage of pictures of the listed groups. The back pic of WlWh is used.

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