Velvet Underground/Lou Reed and Philip Core?

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Velvet Underground/Lou Reed and Philip Core?

Post by mangue » 05 Aug 2019 16:14

Did some newspaper/archives searching and came across the following:

An article in the Times-Picayune [New Orleans] of 1969.Sep.06 about, then 18 year old, Philip Core:
"He [Philip Core] is planning illustrations for several books, and a portrait he did of the lead singer of Andy Warhol's group, The Velvet Underground, led to a friendship with the singer and an acquaintance with Warhol."

Wiki about Philip Core
His painting of Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp at ... hamp-63268

Searched for Lou Reed/Velvet Underground in connection to Philip Core, but without any serious result.
Anybody know anything about the in the 1969 article mentioned portrait?