Wombat No. 22

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Wombat No. 22

Post by Sheila Klein » 01 Feb 2020 23:31

French art-object magazine (for lack of a better term) Wombat has published a VU special edition. Quoting from their website:
Wombat No. 22 contains:

One numbered photographic print of Adam Ritchie, size 18 x 24cm.
One numbered pigment print, collection of Allan Rothschild, size 18 x 24cm.
One original portfolio composed of 11 images of Lisa Law, Adam Ritchie and Allan Rothschild.

4 cover options. Limited edition of 750 copies.

https://en.wombat.fr/blogs/the-box-is-t ... -1965-1966
https://en.wombat.fr/products/n-22-the- ... nderground

It's actually been out for a while now, but I don't recall seeing word of it here.

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Re: Wombat No. 22

Post by schnittstelle » 03 Feb 2020 08:48

This looks very nice. Thank you!

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