Lou Reed Gigography - Research Results (1977)

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Re: Lou Reed Gigography - Research Results (1977)

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Re: Lou Reed Gigography - Research Results (1977)

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1977 - Lou Reed in The Netherlands
used sources: leiden.courant.nu / delpher.nl / hard copy of music magazine OOR ["Lou is the Boss" by Bert van de Kamp in #8, Apr.20, p64-67]

Apr.05 - Concergebouw, Den Haag
--review in Trouw [Apr.07] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ABCDDD:010825538:mpeg21:a0253
--review in Algemeen Dagblad [Apr.07] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=KBPERS01:002929006:mpeg21:a00111
--review in Nieuwe Leidsche Courant [Apr.07] - leiden.courant.nu/issue/NLC/1977-04-07/edition/0/page/15?query=lou%20reed

Apr.06 - Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam
--review with picture in NRC Handelsblad [Apr.07] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=KBNRC01:000026000:mpeg21:a0072
--review with picture in Het Parool [Apr.07] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ABCDDD:010839812:mpeg21:a0269
--review in De Volkskrant [Apr.07] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ABCDDD:010881708:mpeg21:a0212

Apr.07 - Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam

Apr.09 - TV talkshow "Aad van den Heuvel" [21:50, NED.1, KRO, the catholic public broadcasting arganization] - CANCELLED
--announcement in Het Parool [Apr.09] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ABCDDD:010839814:mpeg21:a0292&query=%28lou+reed%29
from OOR: planned to accompany himself on guitar and play "Walk on the Wilde Side" and "Heroin", cancelled together with Groningen show because of "illness"
my note: show can not be live, but should have been pre-recorded as broadcast at same time as planned [but also cancelled] concert in Groningen

Apr.09 - Evenementenhal, Groningen - CANCELLED because of illness
--news in Nieuwsblad van het Noorden [Apr.08] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ddd:011017822:mpeg21:a0451 - from before cancellation, also mentions double concerts in 1975 [evening and night] in Groningen
--news in Nieuwsblad van het Noorden [Apr.12] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ddd:011017824:mpeg21:a0232 - about cancellation because of "illness" and plans of re-scheduling the sold-out concert

Apr.30 - Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam - extra concert
--news in Het Parool [Apr.27] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ABCDDD:010839828:mpeg21:a0349

May.01 - Evenementenhal, Groningen - replacing cancelled Apr.09 concert - last show of European Tour [!]
--news in Nieuwsblad van het Noorden [Apr.23] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ddd:011017834:mpeg21:a0054 - mentions try of even a 2nd concert, but venue didn't have a free day anymore
--review with picture in Nieuwsblad van het Noorden [May.02] - delpher.nl/nl/kranten/view?identifier=ddd:011017840:mpeg21:a0198 - 2 hour show followed by 75 min.encore [!] with only recent and unknown songs, sounding like a jam session; also a strange "faggy" [literal translation] person assisted with some singing [must have been Rachel]

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delpher.nl has both cutting and full page download options

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