which version is this lp?

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which version is this lp?

Post by monadelic » 23 Jun 2020 13:05

Hello, i just bought from the internet a Banana early press, but I can't figure out which is the exact year. I'm struggling between 1968 and 1970/71.
It's a stereo version, Emerson airbrushed.
Side 1 matrix: V6-5008 SIDE 1 - MGM - 558 - REV
Side 2 matrix: V6-5008 SIDE 2 - MGM - 558

These are the photos of the label the seller sent me:

Now, some considerations:
- the listing on the labels are exatcly as in this release: https://www.discogs.com/it/The-Velvet-U ... e/12959829 - anyway, in the photos on Discogs you can see 2 pressing rings, and mine has just 1 deep grove
- searching on the LPs on the Olivier site, the version reported as "Verve V6-5008, 1968 stereo reissue without Emerson, West Coast 'early' pressing
label variant 2" seems could match. Altough photos and matrix are missing, rest of informations, particulary the ONE DEEP ring groove matches.

I hope you can help me! (sorry if my english could be sometimes bad)