"guitar amp" recording

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Re: "guitar amp" recording

Post by iaredatsun » 01 Mar 2021 11:09

MJG196 wrote:
28 Feb 2021 16:47

That's the best version I have.
Best looking. And great title.
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Re: "guitar amp" recording

Post by nick257 » 01 Mar 2021 21:25

The Afterhours tape is the best version Ive found, lower gen than the one above. It needs speedcorrecting, which is easy to do. However the version I have has a pretty much inaudible high pitched noise which runs through a few tracks towards the end (I only noticed it because you can see it on the spectral analysis). Im hoping that this is from the tape transfer of the copy that I have, and perhaps not on the Afterhours tape itself. If anybody has an original copy of the Afterhours Guitar Amp tape and is willing to do a good transfer of it I think there would be a good few people around here very grateful for that!

Afterhours tape number 30:
http://olivier.landemaine.free.fr/vu/bo ... hours.html

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