Maureen Tucker Documentary

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Re: Maureen Tucker Documentary

Post by urchinn » 26 Aug 2021 04:11

Well done! Hey, Todd Haynes, when your documentary eventually goes to blu-ray, why don't you include this as a dvd "extra!"

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Re: Maureen Tucker Documentary

Post by Kent532 » 02 Sep 2021 12:52

I really enjoyed watching this fantastic documentary. Informative, fun and even moving. Congratulations on a well done piece of work.

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Re: Maureen Tucker Documentary

Post by camforrester » 06 Sep 2021 16:26

Thanks! I shall indeed try to email him and see if I get a response!

Thanks so much, I’m very glad to hear that! I tried my best to find the right balance between giving it that personal touch that traditional documentaries don’t have, whilst still remaining objective and factual. So far it seems that come across really well!

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Re: Maureen Tucker Documentary

Post by Greentypewriter » 23 Sep 2021 13:33

Hey Cam, her son Richard shared the link to the doc on his Facebook page and had a glowing review of it. You should get in touch with him!

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Re: Maureen Tucker Documentary

Post by camforrester » 29 Sep 2021 16:53

Hey Greentypewriter,
Thanks for letting me know, I’m not on Facebook so didn’t see that. The views have boosted a lot over the last few days (almost 10k now!) so I figured it must be getting shared!
He did post a comment on the YouTube video itself a few days ago, I sent him a reply but I’m not sure if he has seen it or not. Could I trouble you (or anyone who is on Facebook) to forward this to him just in case he hasn’t?

“Hi Mr. Mikulka,
Thank you so much for your praise; I can’t believe that my little project has managed to work it’s way over to your family!
Your Mom has been an inspiration to me for so many years, and I’ve always wanted to see something that really spotlighted her vital role and gave her the credit she deserves…so finally I decided to make something myself! The response so far has been wonderful, and I’m so happy it seems to have accomplished what I set out to do.
I did make attempts to reach out to Moe through the official VU forum a few months ago, to invite her to be the first to see it, and ask for her blessing to release it online, but was unable to - a member of the forum who used to be in regular contact with her (Alfredo Garcia; rare VU photo book producer), advised me that she is hesitant to have direct contact with fans these days…which at her time of life is completely understandable, so I decided to let it sail unmanned and just hope for the best!
Please do send her my warmest and most sincere regards, and let her know that she has been one of my most idolised heroes in music since I was just twelve years old.
I hope she and the rest of your family are all in good health and happiness, and are reminded all the time, just how damn cool and inspirational their Mom/Grandma is 😎 x”

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