Afterhours tape on Ebay -- insanity!

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Afterhours tape on Ebay -- insanity!

Post by sm7609 » 17 Sep 2021 03:49

Hey all!

Thought you'd get a kick out of this -- someone wants $200 for this one VUAS Afterhours cassette. Sure they're rare (I have a full set), but really? ... SwsUBdCRwB

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Re: Afterhours tape on Ebay -- insanity!

Post by MJG196 » 19 Sep 2021 13:42

What a joke!
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Re: Afterhours tape on Ebay -- insanity!

Post by velvetfan » 20 Sep 2021 01:33

been watching this for ages.....never a bid that I remember. It's like the Japanese SHM Lou Reed box sets of all Lou's solo albums. One day I had both boxes but couldn't find THE Blue Mask box. After years of watching the box I was missing on eBay for around $600 USD but no bids for years! Well one day a box showed up at my house, with a small bag of jewelry and punk buttons and behold The missing Lou Reed box! If y'all remember about 9 years ago my house flooded in hurricane Isaac and Mike Kostek came from Florida to rescue my whole collection and brought it home to sell part of it for me. I eventually had second thoughts and Mike shipped it back. Well he came across these items misplaced years later and sent them back to me. It was a pleasant surprise because the jewelry had a couple pieces from my now deceased parents and the missing Lou box which I wouldn't need to replace. BTW, those Box Sets are STILL on eBay and still haven't got a bid on the ridiculous asking price. I again flooded 2 weeks ago with Hurricane Ida! My collection has been in climate controlled storage 3 floors up for about 5 years. I put it there when a storm threatened and after each hurricane season instead of bringing it home, I said "hurricane season is only 6 months away, I'll leave it" I guess it's time to keep a few items and let Mike do his thing. He will be down here in October to collect most of my collection to sell. Nobody in my neck of the woods is ever 100% safe from storms. I cannot safely enjoy my collection down here. Also, it's time to fucking move!

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Re: Afterhours tape on Ebay -- insanity!

Post by threechordwonder » 09 Oct 2021 12:50

For what it's worth ... looks like a rip-off of the VUAS tape hit the UK in the early nineties (but the text and titles didn't all survive).


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Re: Afterhours tape on Ebay -- insanity!

Post by gazatthebop » 25 Oct 2021 12:08

Terry Jennings plays on some of the tracks. Do you have a scan of the original, mine's missing

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