The art of the Straight Line: My Tai Chi

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The art of the Straight Line: My Tai Chi

Post by sars » 02 Sep 2023 16:39

I just finished this last week. Anyone else read it? The focus is pretty much 1980 onward, so not a lot of Velvets stuff (except a few mentions of the reunion) but it's an interesting read. Talks a bit about Lou's solo stuff from The Raven to Lulu. It's interview style and goes quite a bit into Lou's mindset in his later years. He was diabetic, which I hadn't heard before. It doesn't mentioned if it was Type 1 or 2, just that it was likely spurred by liver disease. Apparently the liver he received in transplant wasn't considered a prime organ for transplant (it had been rejected for a couple of thousand potential patients) but Lou and his team decided to go for it and see if it would make a difference. Really interesting book. Probably the closest we'll come to an authorized Lou bio.
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Re: The art of the Straight Line: My Tai Chi

Post by Harlanbell_9_1 » 28 Dec 2023 09:36

I haven't read it, but I was looking for something similar. Thanks for sharing the information)

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