New Bootleg Website in the Works

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Re: New Bootleg Website in the Works

Post by iaredatsun » 26 Jan 2018 21:09

Elvis Plebsley wrote:
26 Jan 2018 19:39
iaredatsun wrote:
25 Jan 2018 00:31
I can't think of any 1 hour recording that could fit that description. Do you think it was something mis-labeled? I guess you would remember it, if it was anything special.
Dave really helped me out when I was a newbie. As he himself said, all the stuff on his list are things we know about. I assume that these are the mistaken dates and descriptions that used to be attached to the tapes before the fantastic work on Olivier’s site revealed much of the truth. I can’t remember what that 60 min disc is, but it isn’t Delmonicos.
Elvis, thanks for the reply. I guess I always hope there's going to be something new out there. :)
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Re: New Bootleg Website in the Works

Post by lurid » 27 Jan 2018 18:12

I agree. Dave was an avaricious long time collector but he just logged stuff by the dates he was given. Often stuff was misnamed.

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