Velvet Underground Tarot Cards?

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Velvet Underground Tarot Cards?

Post by hkmartin » 11 Dec 2010 11:31

Spinning this off from my write up after seeing "The Velvet Underground in Boston" here.

The film was introduced by Jeff Lambert, Chairman of the Board of the San Francisco Cinematheque, who also works for the National Film Preservation Foundation. He mentioned that the NFPF was working on restoring a Warhol film called "Velvet Underground Tarot Cards," which should be ready in about two years.

I'd never heard of this film. I checked on the web, and there seems to be very little information out there.

I found this from Olivier's web site:
1966 - Featuring: Susan Bottomly (aka International Velvet), John Cale, Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, Nico. ... films.html

I also found this, from the NFPF web site:
The Velvet Underground Tarot Cards (1966), Andy Warhol?s performance film of the legendary rock band (Andy Warhol Museum). ... h-the-nfpf (enter "Tarot" in the search)

Note the word "performance" in this description!

Anyone know anything more about this?