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Re: Rock N Roll Animal Web Page Corrections

Posted: 08 Mar 2018 07:41
by lurid
A little bell in my mind says there may have been 2dates. Will check tonight..

Re: Rock N Roll Animal Web Page Corrections

Posted: 13 Mar 2018 23:22
by lurid
only 1 date - 12/8/77 is correct. My memory is faulty....
that show was recorded by "velvet" if I remember correctly - a bit harsh and only in mono but an enjoyable listen.

I contacted Enrique but no answer - I will chase him again1

Re: Rock N Roll Animal Web Page Corrections

Posted: 18 May 2018 00:49
by MJG196
Missing date: 12 April 1977


Re: Rock N Roll Animal Web Page Corrections

Posted: 30 Oct 2018 17:51
by MJG196
New dates (taken from cassettes in Lou Reed Archive: )

15 Aug 74 - (two shows) Melbourne, OZ
23 Sep 74 - Columbus, Ohio
25 Oct 74 - (two shows) Cleveland, Ohio
08 May 75 - Wellington Town Hall, NZ

Just a few I had time for...

Re: Rock N Roll Animal Web Page Corrections

Posted: 16 Dec 2018 06:21
by MJG196
I found a Hall & Oates gigography, and not only found some new dates (in BOLD), but H&O played A TON of shows opening for Lou in '74!

10/05/1974 Capitol Theatre (with Lou Reed) Passaic NJ
10/06/1974 SUNY Oswego Laker Hall (with Lou Reed) Oswego NY
10/09/1974 Felt Forum (with Lou Reed) New York NY
10/12/1974 Tower Theater (with Lou Reed) Upper Darby PA
10/13/1974 Alexandria Roller Rink (with Lou Reed) Alexandria VA
10/14/1974 Trenton War Memorial (with Lou Reed) Trenton NJ
10/15/1974 Stanley Theatre (with Lou Reed) Pittsburgh PA
10/17/1974 Rochester Auditorium Theatre (with Lou Reed) Rochester NY
10/19/1974 Massey Hall (with Lou Reed) Toronto ON USA
10/24/1974 Allen Theater (with Lou Reed) Cleveland OH
10/25/1974 Allen Theater (with Lou Reed) Cleveland OH
10/26/1974 Masonic Auditorium (with Lou Reed, Focus) Detroit MI
10/27/1974 Palace Theatre (with Lou Reed) Dayton OH
10/28/1974 Ambassador Theatre (with Lou Reed) St. Louis MO
11/01/1974 Aragon Ballroom (with Lou Reed) Chicago IL
11/02/1974 University of Toledo Fieldhouse (with Lou Reed) Toledo OH
11/24/1974 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (with Lou Reed) Santa Monica CA
11/27/1974 Celebrity Theatre (with Lou Reed) Phoenix AZ

Re: Rock N Roll Animal Web Page Corrections

Posted: 18 Dec 2018 02:11
by MJG196
Found a review of the Phoenix show!

The Celebrity program for this show called Lou Reed “one of a bare handful of rock stars whose aphoristic lyrics have the quality of authentic street poetry.” His Transformer album, produced by David Bowie and containing the hit “Walk on the Wild Side,” had also turned him into a pop star, riding the glitter rock wave. 1974 saw the release of Reed’s great Rock and Roll Animal, a no-mercy live album, then Sally Can’t Dance, a studio release.

On stage, Reed kept up his glitter appearance with bleached blonde hair- a strange look for someone who was naturally dark. The most riveting moment of the evening was when Reed wrapped the microphone cord around his arm and play-acted shooting up for the old Velvet Underground tune “Heroin.” Opening the show were Arthur Lee and Love. Known as a band from LA that started in folk rock, then expanded into psychedelia, this reformed version of Love played a tough urban music, mixing hard rock and soul. Lee was in the spotlight, attacking the music with full passion.