Lou Reed/Nico/Cale cover-art Here!!

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Lou Reed/Nico/Cale cover-art Here!!

Post by MJG196 » 22 May 2004 20:36

OK, I am offering this to anyone who is interested.

I have HUNDREDS of Lou Reed/Cale/Nico scans and cover-art files. I am NOT doing this for VU at this moment so don't ask! :o) If you would like to have a CD-R filled up with them, how about sending me 2 blanks in a 2:1 deal? I'd be more than happy to burn one off and ship it your way no matter what part of the world you live in. Here are my only stipulations:

1) Contact me via e-mail (not this board) to get my address.
2a) US residents: please include an SASE for me to ship your disc in. I have a feeling a lot of people will take advantage of this, and this will make it really easy to just drop in the mailbox, as opposed to going to the post office constantly.
2b) Non-US residents: please include a padded envelope and maybe $1 USA to cover shipping costs. Please have your address printed clearly and IN ENGLISH on envelope.
3) PLEASE make one of the discs a NAME BRAND disc (NOT maxell, memorex, or other off-brand junk). I dont care if you send a generic disc for your files...that makes sense. I ask for 1 NAME BRAND disc as payment because a) I have to take each envelope to the post office and fill out a customs form which is sorta annoying, b)I cant really do much w/ generics. Most of the stuff I do is AUDIO.

I hope this seems fair. Feel free to e-mail me w/ any questions. I am offering to do this because I simply dont have the time to send them out one at a time to people. It is much quicker for me to plug in a disc and forget about it while it burns.