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Post by searchin4mymainline » 26 May 2004 20:19

If it is Tom Wilson on the interview disc, then I think he produced the Blues Project album. I wouldn't have got it if rnranimal hadn't worked out the Tom Wilson "boots" clue.

The song "Wake Me, Shake Me (Please Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long)" is an old Gospel song, which they re-worked.


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Post by Rosie Lee UK » 26 May 2004 20:20

The name of Gospel song is Wake Me Shake Me and performed by many people including Al Green and the Coasters. I am Rosie Lee.

The lyrics have only one word different from Lou's song.

WMSM-Wake Me Shake Me...please dont let me sleep too late.
Wagon Wheel - Wake Me Shake Me...please dont let me sleep too long.

Lou loves black music and has always been inspiration to him. You must know much about Lou to answer my future questions. Tracks 7 & 8 I gave because nobody could guess. Track 9 I gave hints. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME! I will no longer give hints. I may give riddles like today or I may ask for tiny little tidbits found in an interview from France. You do not know what I will ask!

This is puzzle time. I will send Ferges track later today. Beware of my next question. Start buying magazines on e-bay...perhaps I have a question from a Dutch article published in Belgium and written in German from 1975! Ha Ha...I know much of the technology of sound. I confuse you like a beetle bug on a tin pan that is placed in a fire.

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Post by alfredovu » 27 May 2004 17:26

Rosie Lee UK wrote:"Third hint was "Where are your boots, Lou?" - On the VU interview bootleg w/ Cale & Lou and some DJ, the DJ says it is first time he see Lou in regular shoes."
Tom Wilson was not exactly "some DJ" Miss Lee...

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Post by lostblues » 01 Jun 2004 12:39

lostblues wrote:1) "The Phantom Of Rock" (Bootleg)
2) I can´t stand it
3) Why Am I So Shy
what a mess...
Did no one realize that I mixed up everything?!
"Why am I so shy" doesn´t even appear in "I can´t stand it".
t´must have been "Lisa Says".
But anyway, it was wrong. So who cares.... :D :D :D

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