LOU REED 2000-10-12 Sydney, Australia - upgrade from master DAT - (halLOUween parade-RIP Lou 5 years this week)

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LOU REED 2000-10-12 Sydney, Australia - upgrade from master DAT - (halLOUween parade-RIP Lou 5 years this week)

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LOU REED 2000-10-12 Sydney, Australia - upgrade from master DAT - (halLOUween parade-RIP Lou 5 years this week)

Contrast clause-
This is a superior sounding version direct from the master DAT compared to the torrent upped by nanuk_99 a few weeks ago-
Torrent #631905 Lou Reed - 2000.10.12 State Theatre, Sydney



State Theatre
Sydney, New South Wales
12th October 2000

01 - Paranoia Key Of E
02 - Turn To Me
03 - Modern Dance
04 - Ecstasy
05 - Smalltown
06 - Future Farmers Of America
07 - Turning Time Around
08 - Romeo Had Juliette
09 - White Prism
10 - Rock Minuet

11 - Mystic Child
12 - Tatters
13 - Set The Twilight Reeling

14 - Baton Rouge
15 - Busload Of Faith

2nd encore
16 - Sweet Jane
17 - Vicious


complete show
total time: 140 minutes

ARTWORK included


LOU REED - Vocals & Guitar
MIKE RATHKE - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
FERNANDO SAUNDERS - Electric & Acoustic Bass Guitar


From the master DAT taped by Waz From Oz
Fireball XLF mic > Sony DAT TCD-DB
2018 transfer by audiowhore


Look What They Done To My Recording Ma!
I am the unknown taper.
When I spotted the Lou Reed State Theatre, Sydney Australia 12th October 2000 torrent a few weeks ago I grabbed it to see if it if was my recording or an alternate recording.
Indeed it is my recording.
After downloading it & then listening to this torrent it’s turned out to be a case of What Have They Done To My Song Ma or to be more precise What Have Done To My Recording Ma!
Sadly the version that Nanuk_99 uploaded here is noticeably inferior to my original recording.
Not only is the sound inferior on his torrented version the track cues / timings are out of whack plus there are edits in the audience wanting encores section of the show.
Plus it’s rather hissy in places which isn’t the case with the original recording.
I’m of the notion that somewhere along the line that CD-R’s of my original recording were taped onto cassette, then dubbed umpteen times & it’s one of these higher generation cassette dubs that were put onto CD-R’s that Nanuk_99 received in a trade.

Nanuk_99 is totally blameless of course as he only uploaded what he was given in trade.

Hopefully now those who downloaded the Nanuk_99 torrent of this Lou show will be able to replace that with this superior version.


And a bit of trivia for you all.
I went to this gig with one of my old 70’s taping partners Ruby, it’s him you can hear shushing the talkers at 01.28 in Ecstasy but this time I performed all the taping duties.
Lou was in a good mood at this show, smiling & laughing often, interacting with the audience as can be heard.
Nice moment during Twilight when a audience member thought a musical interlude sounded somewhat like the music from the cartoon Scooby Doo Where Are You.
The chit chat around us was kept to a minimum thank Christ, though I could have throttled the female with the crisp packet that sounded much louder to the naked ears than it does on the tape, the fellah near her gave her a um er no so discreet hand signal & she stopped stuffing her face.
I was well pleased with how the recording turned out, I also recorded the next night's show on 13th October 2000 plus I’m responsible for the recording of the smaller show Lou played at Sydney's Metro Theatre on 19th October 2000.

Jump forward 3 years to Lou’s gig of the 3rd September 2003 at the State Theatre.
Lou & myself have mutual friends in London & they had asked me if It was at all possible if I could pass along a message to him.
After his gig at the State Theatre on the 3rd September 2003 armed with a copy of the 12th October 2000 show I went around to the back lane where the artists leave the theatre to see if I could catch him.
Didn’t have to wait long for him to come out, he signed a few things for others, he seemed to be in a personable mood & although I was somewhat hesitant to approach him I thought f*** it he can either be dismissive or nice & so I moved in on him.....so to speak.
As he was about to get into the passenger side of the getaway van I spoke to him through the still wide open door saying that I have a message for you.
He stiffened up & replied “And from whom?” I told him who had sent the message.
On hearing their names he smiled, disembarked from the van, stood up, leaned his folded arms on the wound down window frame & started talking to me through the open window, it was as if the crowd around us plus his waiting band in the van had disappeared.
Lou asked me how I knew so & so, I told him what he wanted to know, he came back with “Well why aren’t so & so here?” with a sly smirk on his face.
I replied “Lou presently so & so are on the other side of the world, where they actually live & probably are at work right now!”
He laughed, so I took this moment to present him with my State Theatre 12th October 2001 recording.
Lou smiled & said “Oh a bootleg, thank you” & put it in his inside jacket pocket.
I asked him if he would sign my ticket for the next nights show which I had on me, he did then said “Goodnight & please say hello to so & so for me”.
Sometime later I relayed his hello to my friends in London, they said that they would mention me to Lou next time they saw him.
They did & he said he remembered our Sydney encounter.
Sadly they completely forgot to enquire about what he thought of my recording but as we know he was a stickler for sound quality the likelihood is that he probably did play it to see what he sounded like from a audience perspective.
If he did listen to it I wonder what he thought of it, did he keep or bin it?
According to the article linked below, bootlegs / tapes were found amongst Lou's belongings after he passed-
Who knows for sure but there could be a good chance that my recording now resides at the New York Public Library.

I was lucky enough to meet Lou again backstage after the Sydney Enmore 2003 show, which was a strange weird encounter but I’ll go into more detail about that in the future when my Enmore 2003 show is uploaded.
The last time I was in his presence was a quick signing session after the 2007 Sydney Festival 'Berlin' performances.
Lou was pleasant every time I met him so I didn’t have the heart to bring up the fact that he tried to kick me plus throw a lighted cigarette at me during his gig at the Hordern Pavilion back in 1977.
More about that as well when that show is uploaded.

Cheers & thanks to audiowhore

Waz From Oz

at DaD