John Cale 2006-02-03 Turnhout (RESEED)

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John Cale 2006-02-03 Turnhout (RESEED)

Post by schnittstelle » 11 Jan 2015 16:09

John Cale 2006-02-03 Turnhout (RESEED)

This, and some others to come, are reseeds of shows from 2006-2007 requested by pedes a.
Nothing changed (unless a md5 was missing, which I then added), the original FLACs are untouched, so anyone willing to hop on to seed is welcome. Thanks to all the original recorders/uploaders, I'm sorry but I didn't keep information about them!

Original info file below


John Cale & Band
Friday 03 Feb 2006
De Warande, Turnhout, Belgium

Equipment: Sony MZ-RH10 + Sony ECM-719 Mic (audience recording)
Lineage: MZ-RH10 > USB > SonicStage (WAV) > Adobe Audition (edit, EQ, volume adjusting) -> CD Wave (tracksplits) -> FLAC level 6 with sector align

Taped by: mrgreen
Transferred & mastered by: mrgreen
Sorry, no artwork this time

Sound quality: A-


Disc 1

01. ---intro---
02. Venus In Furs
03. Walking The Dog
04. Turn The Lights On
05. Woman
06. Femme Fatale / Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
07. Hush
08. Outta The Bag
09. Look Horizon
10. Magritte
11. Guts
12. Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll
13. Gun

Disc 2

14. Set Me Free
15. Ship Of Fools
16. Things
17. Jumbo In The Modern World (new song !)
18. Sold Motel
19. Perfect
20. ---encore break---
21. Buffalo Ballet
22. Heartbreak Hotel

The band:
Dustin Boyer ? lead guitar
Michael Jerome ? drums
Joseph Karnes ? bass


There's a skip in track 15 due to minidisc trouble. Sorry about that.

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Re: John Cale 2006-02-03 Turnhout (RESEED)

Post by Luzern » 09 Apr 2022 22:26

Looking for John Cale live at Prime Club, Cologne, 2006. Do you know where I can find a recording?

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