John Cale 2006-06-11 Leuven (RESEED)

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John Cale 2006-06-11 Leuven (RESEED)

Post by schnittstelle » 12 Jan 2015 20:19

John Cale 2006-06-11 Leuven (RESEED)

This, and some others to come, are reseeds of shows from 2006-2007 requested by pedes a.
Nothing changed (unless a md5 was missing, which I then added), the original FLACs are untouched, so anyone willing to hop on to seed is welcome. Thanks to all the original recorders/uploaders, I'm sorry but I didn't keep information about them!

Original info file below


John Cale & Band
Sunday 11 June 2006
Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium

Equipment: Sony MZ-RH10 + Sony ECM-719 mic (audience recording)
Lineage: MZ-RH10 > USB > SonicStage (WAV) > Adobe Audition (edit, EQ, volume adjusting) -> CD Wave (tracksplits) -> FLAC level 6 with sector align

Taped by: mrgreen(71)
Transferred & mastered by: mrgreen(71)

Sound quality: A- (very good audience recording)


01. ---intro
02. Venus In Furs
03. Turn The Lights On
04. Walking The Dog
05. Helen Of Troy
06. Femme Fatale / Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
07. Hush ("Turn the f*cking lights down !")
08. Outta The Bag
09. Set Me Free
10. Things
11. Cable Hogue
12. Look Horizon
13. Magritte
14. Ship Of Fools

15. Jumbo In The Modern World
16. Sold Motel
17. Perfect
18. Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll
19. ---encore break 1
20. Leaving It Up To You
21. ---encore break 2
22. (I Keep A) Close Watch (JC solo)

Some annoying crowd chatter during Set Me Free (they shut up after I asked 'em "politely" to do so :) ).
No technical problems this time - this is my first flawless John Cale recording ;)
It was very hot in the venue and JC obviously had problems with that, especially with the heat of the floodlights behind him.


John Cale - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, viola
Dustin Boyer ? lead guitar
Michael Jerome ? drums
Joseph Karnes ? bass

Do not share in lossy format !
Do not sell or buy !

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