John Cale 2006-06-21 Brighton (RESEED)

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John Cale 2006-06-21 Brighton (RESEED)

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John Cale 2006-06-21 Brighton (RESEED)

This, and some others to come, are reseeds of shows from 2006-2007 requested by pedes a.
Nothing changed (unless a md5 was missing, which I then added), the original FLACs are untouched, so anyone willing to hop on to seed is welcome. Thanks to all the original recorders/uploaders, I'm sorry but I didn't keep information about them!

Original info file below


John Cale Live in Brighton
Concorde 2, 21st June 2006
Sharp MD877, Sony ECM-D870 stereo microphone

Disc One:
1. Venus in Furs (5.54)
2. Save Us (3.40)
3. Helen of Troy (5.44)
4. Woman (5.48)
5. Femme Fatale / Rosegarden Funeral of Sores (5.53)
6. Hush (3.56)
7. Outta the Bag (4.57)
8. Look Horizon (5.21)
9. Magritte (4.00)
10. Dirty Ass Rock'n'Roll (6.53)

Disc Two:
1. The Ballad of Cable Hogue (5.52)
2. Gun (10.28)
3. Hanky Panky Nohow (5.14)
4. Sold Motel (including break) (2.27)
5. Jumbo in the Modern World (4.36)
6. Pablo Picasso / Mary Lou (10.40)

John Cale and his fantastic band playing live in the best venue in town, down on Brighton seafront. The club has a capacity of about 500 and was inexplicably only half-full. I believe it was a warm-up show for the following day's Wireless Festival in London's Hyde Park.
The minidisc stopped during "Sold Motel" and there was lots of fumbling about trying to change the discs in a hurry and failing. The result is that I've faded the song out and then back in. I suppose you could try and mix in the missing section from one of the other great Cale recordings from this tour, but I couldn't be bothered.
"Jumbo in the Modern World" is introduced by Cale as "Blame it on the Monkey" ("and we know who that is...").
The sound is excellent throughout.

If you are one of those people that believes in "liberating" bootlegs, I would rather you didn't download this. Thankyou.

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