JOHN CALE - Jarlateatern, Stockholm SE 1975-11-03 EN FM rem

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JOHN CALE - Jarlateatern, Stockholm SE 1975-11-03 EN FM rem

Post by schnittstelle » 09 Mar 2015 07:02

JOHN CALE - Jarlateatern, Stockholm SE 1975-11-03 EN FM remaster *in honor of JC's 73rd b'day today*

John Cale
Stockholm, Sweden
EN FM remaster

01 Ghost Story
02 A Child's Christmas In Wales
03 I'm Waiting for the Man
04 You Know More than I Know
05 Pablo Picasso
06 Fear
07 Helen of Troy
08 Guts
09 Darling, I Need You
10 Heartbreak Hotel
11 Cable Hogue
12 Baby, What You Want Me to Do?

Total time: 51:05

John Cale - vocals, guitar
Chris Spedding - guitar
Pat Donaldson - bass
Timi Donald - drums
Chris Thomas - keyboards

EN remaster notes
This was drifting around various trackers in various FM captures, with the best sounding one missing the last minute of Track 09, which was restored and matched from an alternate source. I worked on the set for a while, smoothing things out dynamically and repairing various imbalances... should be as good as it is gonna get now.

It's JC's 73rd birthday today, so pull this down and listen in as he and perhaps the greatest band he ever had (Chris Spedding was allegedly arrested after this gig for burning down the club with just a few guitar solos) destroy a dozen or so of his best. Cale is almost in Peter Hammill "scream-song" territory as he winds himself into a state of psychosis during this performance. How he had a voice left after this is anyone's guess. It's primal and these guys ain't f*ckin' around. Enjoy and HBD JC, whose music and influence will live beyond the foreseeable.

FM, sounds like a master or first gen cassette > FLACs from another tracker (end of Track 09 patched-n-matched from FLAC file from yet another tracker) > Sound Forge 9 remasterizations > DIME > you

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