Lou Reed Like a Possum Genova Italy 2004-09-12 acetboy

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Lou Reed Like a Possum Genova Italy 2004-09-12 acetboy

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Lou Reed Like a Possum Genova Italy 2004-09-12 acetboy

This has been shared three other times that I can find.

There was an email to the group the other day from ?Pablo?.
He was asking if someone could post this again.
I didn?t remember much about it so I dragged it out to
have a listen and a look.
It's a great show. The band is a trio, no drummer.

This share is not the original files.


Original files tampered with
by acetboy.

Apparently an MD recording.
As originally shared these files had SBE errors.
Gaps that had to be closed up manually.
I also retracked all of the songs.
Previously the track starts all missed the
actual song starts.
Fixed all that. EQ?ed some.
My usual rigmarole.
Where the original was split for CD burning
a short bit repeated. So I was able to get
rid of the repeated part and rejoin the file.
There was also an outright cut before the encore
that I have disguised.
The show is now continuous.
The show volume wise, peaked at -13.0 dB down.
And had an RMS of -27.5, quiet.
It now peaks at -0.2 and has an RMS of -19.7 dB.
There is a bit of distortion now and then.
Doesn?t distract though. The record levels
were set too high. It?s on the original share also.

See enclosed .jpg for before and after.

For burning to CD split between 08 and 09.
Add fades to taste with your burning app.

Thanks to all who preserved and shared before.

Below here are the original unchanged info notes.
As shared by changeling. 2006-05-30

Lou Reed - "Like A Possum"

Only live version of Like A Possum to date.

Genova, ITALY SEPT 12, 2004
W/ Mike Rathke & Fernando Saunders


1-Modern Dance
2-Guardian Angel
3-Why Do You Talk?
4-Romeo Had Juliette
8-The Day John Kennedy Died


1-Magic & Loss/You Keep Me Hanging On/Stop In The Name Of Love/
Rocking Pneumonia Boogie-Woogie Flu Medley
2-Power & The Glory
3-The Blue Mask
4-Satellite Of Love
5-Sweet Jane
6-Like A Possum

Thanks to lurid_uk & simonm
From the Velvet Underground Forum
For Shooting this disc across the pond to me.

If you like Lou stop by the new Lou Reed Forum :

at DaD