John Cale 1979-03-18 Penny Arcade, Rochester (SBD) - repost

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John Cale 1979-03-18 Penny Arcade, Rochester (SBD) - repost

Postby schnittstelle » 03 Sep 2016 10:05

John Cale 1979-03-18 Penny Arcade, Rochester (SBD) - repost

John Cale
Penny Arcade, Rochester, NY
March 18, 1979
Soundboard recording

"There goes Washington, there goes London, there goes Peking, there goes Cambodia!"

1. Mercenaries
2. Baby, You Know
3. Casey At The Bat
4. Jack The Ripper
5. Waiting For The Man
6. Evidence
7. Dr. Mudd
8. Fear
9. Dirty Ass Rock n Roll
10. Leaving It Up To You
11. Heartbreak Hotel
12. applause
13. Pablo Picasso
14. Guts
15. Neighbor's Wife

Interesing variations on the usual lyrics...

Tape (SBD/generation unknown) > TotalRecorder 24/192,000 > PSP MasterComp remastering in SoundForge + SoundForge depth conversion to 16/44,100 > dbAmp flac encoder (level 6)

Overall sound quality: B+

NB 1: Most of my recordings were received as tape or cd-r trades. I can't vouch for the source or generation of any recording not made by me and marked as being copied from the "Master" (this IS one). Sound quality is a qualitative judgement.

NB 2: I am behind a firewall. Sorry...

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