John Cale - Academy 3, Manchester, UK 21 Jan 2007

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John Cale - Academy 3, Manchester, UK 21 Jan 2007

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John Cale - Academy 3, Manchester, UK 21 Jan 2007

Digging out some old recordings for my own enjoyment and thought I'd post them here too. Most will re-posts but some might never have got torrented first time around.

Info file follows...


John Cale
Academy 3, Manchester
21 January 2007

Source: DPA 4060 (SP-SPSB-8 battery box)>Sony D8
Transfer: Sony 55ES>[optical]>Soundblaster Live!>WaveLab>Audacity>CDWave>FLAC

Wavelab was used to do the fades, add a little treble boost and bass cut. I also used the "Puncher" plug-in on its default setting. Audacity was used to gently fade up tracks 14 and 15.
I've split and faded the tracks so that 'cd1' ends with track 12.

Unbelievable that the mighty Cale should be struggling to sell out the 450-capacity Academy 3 but it meant that those smart enough to attend were treated to a fantastically intimate performance.

No sound issues to speak of, no gobby audience members, just a high energy stroll through one of the most impressive back catalogues in modern music. I would've liked to have heard more from Hobo Spaiens but such is life.

Many thanks to the good people at, from where I filled in the gaps in my tracklisting.

01 Reading My Mind
02 Ray
03 Save Us
04 Helen of Troy
05 Sold Motel
06 Hush
07 Outta The Bag
08 Model Beirut Recital
09 Common Cold
10 Big White Cloud
11 Walking The Dog
12 Fear
13 Dirtyass Rock'n'Roll
14 Gravel Drive
15 You Know More Than I know
16 Cable Hogue
17 Leaving it up to You
18 Chorlae
19 Pablo Picasso / Mary Lou


John Cale - keys, guitars
? - lead guitar
? - bass, electric upright bass
Michael Jerome - drums

at DaD