John Cale 1984-11-12 Minneapolis MN USA AUDm [24/96 CS]

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John Cale 1984-11-12 Minneapolis MN USA AUDm [24/96 CS]

Postby schnittstelle » 25 Oct 2016 21:14

John Cale 1984-11-12 Minneapolis MN USA AUDm [24/96 CS]

John Cale
Minneapolis, MN USA
First Avenue
12 November 1984
stereo audience recording

cassette side A (46:43.22):
A01. start (00:05.52)
A02. Autobiography (04:52.13) >
A03. Ooh La La [cut at end] (03:13.52)
A04. Evidence [beginning cut] (02:50.51)
A05. Magazines (03:25.56)
A06. Model Beirut Recital (03:54.24)
A07. Leaving It Up To You (07:31.16)
A08. Dr. Mudd (03:45.00)
A09. Caribbean Sunset (05:10.73)
A10. Dead Or Alive (04:36.45)
A11. Heartbreak Hotel (05:45.49)
A12. I'm Waiting For The Man [cut] (01:31.41)

cassette side B (06:47.69):
B01. I'm Waiting For The Man [continued] (02:36.57) >
B02. Hungry For Love (04:09.25)
B03. Paris 1919 [beginning only - cut at start] (00:01.62)

- - - -

digitizing notes:
This is not the complete show, but this is all that was recorded for this version.

This is one of a handful of shows from "Mr. Smith" that I had also recorded. Although my own recording of this performance has circulated in the past, this version from the Mr. Smith collection has never seen the light of day until now.

My own recording seems to be missing at this time, although another source exists on two CD-Rs, and which sounds like it *may possibly* have been sourced from my original cassette, which I most likely traded around many years ago.

The CD-R source also included these songs, which are missing from the Mr. Smith recording:

Paris 1919 (4:11)
Mercenaries (Ready For War) (9:59)
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend (4:20)
Pablo Picasso (8:30)
Love Me Two Times (1:58)

The notes from the CD-Rs list the following personnel for this performance:

John Cale: guitar, piano, vocals
Andy Heermans: bass
David Lichtenstein: drums
David Young: guitar

- - - -

original master cassette [2-channel stereo] > Nakamichi DR-3 cassette deck [Azimuth adjustment applied to playback head] > Edirol R-04 [RCA/analog in; 24-bit/96kHz transfer (.wav)] > PC [via USB] > CD Wave Editor [Version 1.98; Windows Build Number: 0000.23F0] (sector boundary tracking) > Trader's Little Helper [Version 2.7.0; Build 172] (Level 8 .wav > .flac conversion)

- - - -

The Mr. Smith Tapes.
Made available to the world through the collaborative resources of these people:
Recorded in 1984 by “Mr. Smith”.
Digitized in 2016; and technical notes by J. Free []

- - - -

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