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MOE TUCKER & HALF JAPANESE - 1989-02-22 - Heidelberg - excellent AUD master

Posted: 30 Dec 2016 09:57
by schnittstelle
Title: MOE TUCKER & HALF JAPANESE - 1989-02-22 - Heidelberg - excellent AUD master from the collection of MILAVALENTI # 046
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Category: Garage Rock
Uploaded by: stacheleber

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Moe Tucker & Half Japanese
Schwimmbad Musikclub, Heidelberg, Germany
February - 22 - 1989

from MILAVALENTI collection # 046

The MILAVALENTI collection consists mostly of 80's and some 90's and 2000's masters in generally great sound. Most of the concerts
which will be uploaded from this collection are uncirculated. I met the taper who is an old friend of mine recently after more than 20 years.
He was happy to give me his very precious gems to be presented to a wider public. In the 80's I often went to concerts with him and sometimes
both of us were recording.
So some of the recordings which will be uploaded have been uploaded by me before as of my masters collections and some of his recordings
which had been uploaded by me already as first gen copies will now be re-uploaded as master transfers.
The musical style varies from "normal Rock acts" to Wave/Punk and Avantgarde. Also some German Post-Punk acts are included.

Master recording.
Recording equipment: SONY WM-D 6C with SONY ECM 939-LT Microphone

master tape / cass transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330 -> Magix Audio & Music Lab (edit/remaster) -> FLAC -> DIME
VG+/Ex-, some equalizing was done (check sample). Sound level adjusted.

This is a great show and a not less great recording. The atmosphere between Maureen and the audience is fantastic from the start and so she and the band is very motivated to play at their best.
Nothing more to say and let the music speak for itself (check sample).

setlist with some gaps (tape length 104:16 min.), any help woud be very welcome

01 Afterhours
02 Hey Mersh!
03 Open Your Eyes, Close Your Eyes
04 Colleen
05 Guess I'm Falling In Love
06 T For Texas, T For Tennessee
07 Good Night Irene
08 Spam Again
11 Eye Of The Hurricane
12 Pale Blue Eyes
13 Bo Diddley
14 Cherry Pie
16 Why Don't You Smile Now
17 Postcard From Austin, Texas
18 Charmed Life
20 Andy
21 Work
22 Talk So Mean
24 I'm Sticking With You
25 Hey Mr. Rain
28 House Of Voodoo
29 I Walk Through Walls

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Band line-up:

Moe Tucker - Vocals, Drums (other instruments?)
Jad Fair - Vocals, Guitar
John Sluggett - Guitar + other instruments
Jason Willett - Bass + other instruments
Gilles Reider - Drums

Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2016/12/29