JOHN CALE & THE SOLDIER STRING QUARTET - 1994-05-15 - Mannheim - AUD master from the collection of MILAVALENTI #083

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JOHN CALE & THE SOLDIER STRING QUARTET - 1994-05-15 - Mannheim - AUD master from the collection of MILAVALENTI #083

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JOHN CALE & THE SOLDIER STRING QUARTET - 1994-05-15 - Mannheim - AUD master from the collection of MILAVALENTI #083

John Cale
Capitol, Mannheim; Germany
May - 15 - 1994

from MILAVALENTI collection # 083

Recording equipment unknown

AUD DAT Master -> CDR Clone -> transfer to PC as flac 44,1/16 -> Magix Audio & Music Lab (edit/remaster) -> flac 44,1/16 -> DIME
Vg+ sound some EQ. Sound level adjusted. Some audience noise between songs reduced. Some mike clicks during first 3 tracks removed as good as possible.

Very nice show of an interesting phase of John Cale's career. The siund is very good but it has the typical flaws of the Capitol in Mannheim as there is a lot of reverberation. Also it seems that the recorder was a bit in the background as the audience's clapping is quite in the foreground. It also seems that the recorder was changing the level input from time to time which I tried to compensate as good as possible.
This show was not yet on dime but there is another recording of the show which was upped to MWP some years ago. The track listing below is taken from that upload but the length of the show is a bit different. The text of that upload is here:


John Cale - the '99 Greenwich Delusion Tour, Capitol, Mannheim, Germany, 15th May 1994
I used to know the person who ran the John Cale Fan Club. It was a joint venture between someone in London and someone in Germany. They used to share Cale recordings and also produced the "Open House" fanzine. At the time Cale only played solo shows (apparently he'd realised that whether he played solo or with a band the same people turned up so he could make more money if he played on his own!). However it did mean he kept playing the same songs over and over again. My friend told me that he was going to do a tour where he would be playing some new material and he would be backed by other musicians and singers but the catch was it was too expensive to bring the show over to England so he was only going to take it around mainland Europe. At the time I went to Belgium and Germany fairly regularly so I happened to be in Brussels when my friend had told me John was playing in Antwerp so I decided to go. I think the Antwerp show was probably the best Cale concert I've ever been t
o (my review of it was published in "Open House"). Sadly there are hardly any recordings of this tour. This tape came from the German woman who ran the fan club. I don't know who recorded it but it is from the day before Antwerp and I think it is the same set list.
Performers: John Cale, Bob Neuwirth, BJ Cole, The Soldier String Quartet, Tiye' Giraud and Sam Butler.
There is a bit of an abrupt cut between "Dying" and "Hotel" and a few problems with the microphone during "Instrumental 2" but overall this is a very good audience recording (although not absolutely stunning. I think the performance quality and the unusual material compensate for the audio quality). I'm not sure of all of the song titles because some of them have never been released so I've guessed a few (I'm pretty sure "Instrumental 1 & 2" are incorrect!!!!) .

Lineage: Tape --> MAGIX - - > WAV --> FLAC 8 --> MWP

Total running time: 110m 19s


As can be seen from the text that recording is certainly from another source as none of its flaws occur on this recording here.

Setlist (108:10 min):

01 Intro
02 Modern World - Short Of Time - Taking Chances
03 Mercedes Benz
04 Instrumental 1
05 Please Tell Me
06 Stop Dancin'
07 Middle Of Another Day
08 Don't You Cry
09 Ain't Got No Mother Now
10 Instrumental 2
11 Life Underwater
12 Childs Xmas In Wales
13 Darling I Need You
14 On A Wedding Anniversary
15 Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
16 The Soul Of Carmen Miranda
17 Broken Hearts
18 Dying On The Vine
19 Heartbreak Hotel
20 Cordoba
21 Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
22 Style It Takes
23 Paris 1919
24 Chorale
25 Hallelujah
26 Thoughtless Kind
27 Close Watch

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John Cale & Band 1994:

John Cale: vocals, piano, guitar
Bob Neuwirth - vocals, banjo, harmonica
BJ Cole - pedal steel guitar
Sam Butler - guitar
Tiye' Giraud - vocals

The Soldier String Quartet:

Dave Soldier − violin, string arrangements
Lisa R. Gutkin − violin
Alicia A. Svigals − violin
Dawn M. Buckholz −cello

Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2017/03/17