Lou Reed - 11.06.1980 Marassi Stadium, Geneva

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Lou Reed - 11.06.1980 Marassi Stadium, Geneva

Post by schnittstelle » 11 Sep 2017 11:26

Lou Reed - 11.06.1980 Marassi Stadium, Geneva

Lou Reed
Marassi Stadium, Geneva, Italy
A very good audience recording
Received by trade, CDR

CDR - EAC - FLAC using Trader's Little Helper

Great sound quality for an audience recording.
I don't remember if I uploaded this show several years ago... anyway, here it is.
In the first songs of the first disc, maybe too much bass sound, but later
the sound is much better. The way I received these discs, there were some songs cut in two
different tracks, so I fixed them. I did nothing to the sound quality
I always loved those final medleys... Rock ’N’ Roll is amazing with its 18 minutes long.
It also exists a partial SBD recording from an FM broadcast of this show.

11.06.1980 (115min aprox.)

01.Sweet Jane
02.Real Good Time Together
03.I'm Waiting For My Man
04.Coney Island Baby
05.So Alone
07.Walk On The Wild Side
08.Standing On Ceremony
10.Keep Away
11.The Kids
12.Caroline Says II
13.The Bed
14.Sad Song
15.The Power Of Positive Drinking

01.How Do You Speak To An Angel
02.My Old Man
03.Growing Up In Public
04.Street Hassle
05.Rock'n'Roll / You Keep Me Hangin' On / Rock'n'Roll

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