John Cale - 2018-03-08 - Barbican Theatre - London - UK

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John Cale - 2018-03-08 - Barbican Theatre - London - UK

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John Cale - 2018-03-08 - Barbican Theatre - London - UK

John Cale Barbican Theatre London UK

Zoom H2n > SD > Goldwave Tweaks CDR
Recorded from near the middle of the balcony
A Disputandum Production

John Cale
Dustin Boyer - guitar
Deantoni Parks - drums
Joey Maramba - bass

Guest artists
Cate Le Bon

London Contempoary Orchestra
House Gospel Choir

Hugh Brunt - conductor
Raffaella Crolla - choral director

setlist (single set):
Over Her Head
Dying on the Vine
Hedda Gabler
E Is Missing
Helen of Troy
Big White Cloud
Half Past France
Leaving It Up to You

Buffalo Ballet
Mr. Wilson
I Keep a Close Watch
Chums of Dumpty
Villa Albani
I'm Waiting For The Man
Pretty People


Should you wish to burn a CD set, put the first 8 tracks on CD1 and the
other 11 on CD2.

Usual deal, please don't upload in a lossy format or try to make any
money from this recording.


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