John Cale 1976-12-31 Palladium NYC REPOST

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John Cale 1976-12-31 Palladium NYC REPOST

Post by schnittstelle » 12 Apr 2018 22:50

John Cale
December 31, 1976
The Palladium, New York City, USA

This torrent is identical to the previous posting.

This is the legendary New Year's Eve show at the Palladium, headlined by the Patti Smith Group, with Television and John Cale opening. Silent film from (backstage) this night was featured in the Amos Poe documentary "The Blank Generation." The Television and Cale sets are both previously uncirculated and taken from the master cassette.

Taped by odoc55 -- thank you for taping and sharing!
Artwork by G the Cock -- thanks as always, G!

I have included some ephemera in the form of .jpegs, which help document this night (Rock Scene coverage, ticket stub, flier, et al). Thanks to Vineland for sharing these.

Audience master cassette > HD > Sound Forge (indexing) > Flac frontend (level 6).

Unfortunately, this show was overdubbed on a previously recorded tape hiss is evident. Also, I believe the taper was trying to conserve space on his C90 cassette, and paused the recording between songs during the Cale set; most of the songs cut in. This recording runs about 30 minutes; whether it is the complete set, I can't say. I have inquired of several Cale collectors but have not found a more complete (or any other) recording of Cale this date. If anyone has a more complete or better-sounding recording, do share.

1. Helen Of Troy (cuts in)
2. You Know More Than I Know (cuts in)
3. Paris 1919 (cuts in)
4. Darling I Need You (cuts in)
5. Guts
6. Fear's A Man's Best Friend (cuts in)

0c01f0396857d94184e2c3151104f460 *01 Helen Of Troy.flac
bdcab9b6a83794ba1337989da77314f0 *02 You Know More Than I Know.flac
9fc770d10fa3e4283d8d0a4ff96afe56 *03 Paris 1919.flac
578a0ef7c00e2d2d480ee80676c9b235 *04 Darling I Need You.flac
f24c0feeb8275ca14495154d9853ebe7 *05 Guts.flac
316980b47e0e7e484d5c6247e18d3a37 *06 Fear Is A Man_s Best Friend.flac
The above was quoted from the original uploader. Apparently there is a more-complete alternate source that doesn't sound as good.

From a previous posting here's a 2010-02-21 Comment by the taper: "Should be whole show...I did have 3 bands to tape so I must have paused when poss. Sound there not great, I was towards back of orchestra & you couldn't display mics. Likely used Sony 110, 153 to large for that venues security."

From a Comment 2010-12-14: "It appears there may be a more complete source for this show: ... 31_ny.html"

From a Comment 2011-02-12: "There is a second audience recording, sometimes incorrectly labelled "Bottom Line Club" it has the complete set also including Leaving It Up To You/Gun/Pablo Picasso/Heartbreak Hotel/I'm Waiting For The Man, with no tape pauses between tracks but lacking in sound quality compared to this, Peter's recording."

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Re: John Cale 1976-12-31 Palladium NYC REPOST

Post by dial4 » 14 Apr 2018 17:54

Yes it's a shame this recording is incomplete with cut songs, also as for some Velvets sources, some tapes seem to be lost, I'm searching for the Marseille 1975 show with Nico for example. Thanks for posting.

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