Lou Reed 1975.07.29 Festival Hall, Melbourne

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Lou Reed 1975.07.29 Festival Hall, Melbourne

Post by schnittstelle » 28 Apr 2018 17:10

Lou Reed 1975.07.29 Festival Hall, Melbourne

Lou Reed
Festival Hall, Melbourne
audience recording, B+/B++
Received by trade, CDR

CDR - EAC - FLAC using Trader's Little Helper

Very good audience recording.
This cd is burned from two different tapes. The first one contains almost the whole concert except the last track
"It's Too Late Mama". Last track recorded from different tape white a little worse sound quality. Check it by yourself.

1975.07.29 (76 minutes aprox)

01.Sweet Jane
02.Coney Island Baby
03.Leave Me Alone
04.Satellite Of Love
05.How Do You Think It Feels
06.Walk On The Wild Side
08.Charley's Girl
10.White Light / White Heat
11.Rock ‘N’ Roll
12.It's Too Late Mama

Play It LOUD!!! Share, don't sell and don't convert to mp3, just for personal use!


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