Lou Reed 1975.03.15 La Salle Vallier, Marseille

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Lou Reed 1975.03.15 La Salle Vallier, Marseille

Post by schnittstelle » 28 Apr 2018 17:12

Lou Reed 1975.03.15 La Salle Vallier, Marseille

Lou Reed
La Salle Vallier, Marseille, France
audience recording, B/B+
Received by trade, CDR

CDR - EAC - FLAC using Trader's Little Helper

I don't know if I uploaded this one some years ago... So, here it is again or a new gem for you all.
For me, very good show with quite good sound quality.
The first 3 songs have a little worse sound quality.
Doug Yule sings lead vocals on “New Age”, “Satellite Of Love” and “White Light / White Heat”.
For at least one German concert, the show went ahead with Doug Yule on guitar/vocals. Sadly, no tape seems to exist.
Lou extemporises an entirely new verse for "Coney Island Baby", and completely eliminates the "football coach" section.

1975.03.15 (74 minutes aprox)

01.Sweet Jane
02.Coney Island Baby
03.New Age
04.I’m Waiting For My Man
07.Lady Day
08.Kill Your Sons
09.Satellite Of Love
10.Walk On The Wild Side
12.White Light / White Heat
13.Rock ‘N’ Roll

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