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LOU REED 2000-09-08 Glasgow audience recording MASTER RESEED

Posted: 08 Jun 2018 19:26
by schnittstelle
LOU REED 2000-09-08 Glasgow audience recording from master cassette RESEED

Royal Concert Hall
08 September 2000
(except * Edinburgh 17 May 2000)

disc 1
D101: Paranoia Key Of E* 5.14
D102:Turn To Me* 5.50
D103: Modern Dance* 5.36
D104: Ecstasy (faded at start) 4.18
D105: Smalltown 4.56
D106: Future Farmers Of America 5.43
D107: Turning Time Around 7.35
D108: Romeo Had Juliette (faded at start) 7.48
D109: Riptide 7.11
D110: Rock Minuet 14.03

disc 2
D201: Mystic Child 6.16
D202: Tatters (short cut in middle) 14.18
D203: Set The Twilight Reeling 12.35
D204: Sweet Jane (cut short at start) 2.51
D205: Vicious 6.31
D206: Perfect Day 5.07

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Mike Rathke: guitar
Fernando Saunders: bass, bowed instruments
Tony "Thunder" Smith: drums

lineage: master Maxell XLII C90 cassette(s) - Pioneer CT-S670D player - wav - flac (level 8) - you
recorded from Row H Seat 10 using a Toshiba KT4087 stereo cassette recorder and a tieclip mic
(* these tracks from my master cassette recorded at the Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh 17 May 2000)

original audience recordings by lurid_uk
transfer to wav October 2009 by lurid_uk
uploaded to Dime October 2009 by lurid_uk
RESEED on Dime November 2012 by lurid_uk
RESEED on Dime November 2013 by lurid_uk
RESEED on Dime June 2018 by lurid_uk

Lou's 2000 world tour to support "Ecstasy" seemed to go on forever - he visited the UK in both May and September. My recording of the Glasgow show is missing the first 3 songs, so I've substituted the equivalents from his May 2000 show in Edinburgh. Quality is excellent.

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