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JOHN CALE - 1979-09-23 - Santa Monica - Aud - 2 sets - solo (almost) - from the collection of MILAVALENTI #143

Posted: 09 Jun 2018 18:34
by schnittstelle
JOHN CALE - 1979-09-23 - Santa Monica - Aud - 2 sets - solo (almost) - from the collection of MILAVALENTI #143

John Cale
McCabe's, Santa Monica, USA
September - 23 - 1979

1st and 2nd set

from MILAVALENTI collection # 143

Unknown gen aud recording.
Recording equipment: unknown

Rec. Info:
aud cassette / cass transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330 -> Magix Audio & Music Lab (edit/remaster) -> FLAC -> DIME
VG+ after some equalizing. The 2 sets had a different sound (2nd set much clearer). Sound level adjusted.

There is some uncertainty about the correct date. MILAVALENTI's tape gives 23.03.79 as date but a look at the John Cale Gigography on Schmitt-Hall-Studio site notes 22nd and 23rd Sept. 1979 as dates.
The setlists on that site are only given for the 22nd and they are the same as on this tape (only the times are different) but it can be that on the next day he played the same setlist.
Also Cale is accompanied by a guitar player only on both versions of A Child's Christmas In Wales. Cale is saying something after both songs but I could not make out if he announces the guitarist.
Anyway it's a great tape with really nice sound and it must have been one of Cale's first solo (almost) appearances with 15.03.79 in Washington DC being the first.

Setlist (tape length 86:47 min.):

1st set:
01 A Child's Christmas In Wales
02 I’m Waiting For The Man
03 Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
04 Amsterdam
05 Pablo Picasso
06 Only Time Will Tell
07 Heartbreak Hotel
08 Cable Hogue
09 I Keep a Close Watch
10 Buffalo Ballet

2nd set:
11 Guts
12 I'm Not The Loving Kind
13 A Child's Christmas In Wales
14 Amsterdam
15 Chorale
16 Pablo Picasso
17 Only Time Will Tell
18 Heartbreak Hotel
19 I Keep a Close Watch
20 Cable Hogue

all tracks: John Cale solo with the exception of track 1 and 13 where he is accompanied by electric guitar

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