LOU REED 1980-1985 interview compilation NO MUSIC CONTENT RESEED

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LOU REED 1980-1985 interview compilation NO MUSIC CONTENT RESEED

Post by schnittstelle » 16 Jun 2018 10:51

LOU REED 1980 - 1985 interview compilation NO MUSIC CONTENT RESEED

".....I'm not here to match wits with you, with doing jokes, I'm here to answer questions that are serious...."

A selection of interviews and odds and ends from 1980 - 1985. Quality varies - the "Sounds" interview is quite poorly recorded but the others are all broadcast quality. They're all worth listening to and Lou is always entertaining and informative. I've tried to date them as accurately as I can. It wouldn't quite fit on 2 CDs so I've had to spread it over 3.

I've tried to sympathetically edit out the "officially released" material which was aired during these interviews.

Disc 1

D101: 1980-06-05 BBC Radio 1 "Rock On" interview by John Tobler in Paris 8.26
D102: 1982-01-20 Dutch Radio phone interview, New York 4.01
D103: 1982-02 "SFX" Magazine interview by Steve Buttrick, London 5.17
D104: 1982-02 "Sounds" magazine journalist's interview, London 33.47
D105: 1983-03 "Soundtracks 3" TV interview, Sweden 6.13
D106: 1983-03-26 BBC Radio 1 interview by Simon Ludgate, London 11.35

Disc 2

D201: 1983-03-31 Picadilly Radio interview, Manchester, England 24.46
D202: 1983-07-09 US TV interview 2.13
D203: 1984-06-28 soundcheck/interview, Danish Radio, Roskilde, Denmark 5.21
D204: 1984-06-30 interview by Lisa Robinson, Radio 1990 (US cable TV) 4.16
D205: 1984-07-14 interview by Andy Batten-Foster, BBC Radio 1, London 14.23

Disc 3

D301: 1984-08-14 phone interview, KFJC, California, USA 7.28
D302: 1984-09-06 phone interview, KLSU FM, Baton Rouge, USA 9.01
D303: 1984-10 radio ad for "New Sensations" LP, Boston, USA 1.05
D304: 1984-11-02 phone interview, XTRA Radio, Tijuana, 4.44
D305: 1984-12-15 interview by Andy Peebles, "Saturday Live" show, BBC Radio 1, London 11.36
D306: 1985-01-11 interview, EON FM, Melbourne, Australia 5.31
D307: 1985-01 Australian radio interview 0.49
D308: 1985 US TV ad for Honda 0.31

lineage: various trade cassettes - Pioneer CT-S670D player - wav - flac (level 8) - you

original recording engineers unknown
transfer to wav September 2014 by lurid_uk
uploaded to Dime September 2014 by lurid_uk
RESEEDED on Dime June 2018 by lurid_uk

scans included for info and context:

1. Press Kit for "The Blue Mask"
2. Press Kit for "Legendary Hearts"
3. Press Kit for "New Sensations"

thanks to all the other Lou Reed fans I've traded with over the last 30 years

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