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JOHN CALE - 2003-11-12 - Heidelberg - Aud - from the collection of MILAVALENTI #147

Posted: 16 Jun 2018 10:52
by schnittstelle
JOHN CALE - 2003-11-12 - Heidelberg - Aud - from the collection of MILAVALENTI #147

Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg, Germany
November - -12 - 2003

from MILAVALENTI collection # 147

AUD DAT Master > DAT Remix > CDR Clone
AIWA HD-S 200 DAT with OKM 01 Soundman

wav-files -> Magix Audio & Music Lab -> edit/remaster -> flac -> dime
Vg+/Ex- sound after some EQ was done. Sound level adjusted. Some audience noise reduced.

Only 2 years after the solo show in Heidelberg's Karlstorbahnhof Cale returns with band to the same venue. Again a very nice show in decent sound.
Notes from the Werksman site:
For the first time since 1996 Cale hits the road with a full backup band. The setlist was a mix of the familiar 'non-hits', a few surprises like Venus In Furs (on viola) and the return of Pablo Picasso, tracks from the 5 Tracks EP (with the notable exception of Chums of Dumpty) and the new HoboSapiens album.

setlist (93:32 min.):

01 Dancing Undercover
02 Over Her Head
03 Frozen Warnings
04 Archimedes/Chinese Envoy
05 Venus In Furs
06 Anderlucia
07 Caravan
08 Ship Of Fools
09 Zen
10 Fear Is The Man’s Best Friend
11 Look Horizon
12 Set Me Free
13 E Is Missing
14 Magritte
15 Paris 1919/Things
16 Cable Houge
17 Leaving It Up To You
18 Hallelujah
19 Close Watch

the band:

John Cale: Keyboards, Guitars, Viola
Jeff Samuel Thall: Guitars, Keyboards
Deantoni Parks : Percussion, Samples
Paul Andrew: Bass

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