Lou Reed - 1998.08.14 Bohager's Club, Baltimore

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Lou Reed - 1998.08.14 Bohager's Club, Baltimore

Post by schnittstelle » 02 Oct 2018 08:08

Lou Reed - 1998.08.14 Bohager's Club, Baltimore RESEED

Lou Reed
Baltimore Md 8-14-98

Source: DPA 4060's> Sony M1 DAT fob center> DAT Master

Transfer: Tascam DAT> SPDIF out> MTII> 16/44 wav

Assembly: CDWav for tracking, CEP for fades, TLH for flac7, foobar for tags


Sweet Jane
Egg Cream
Set the Twilight Reeling
Perfect Day
Street Hassle
Hooky Wooky
Hang on to Your Emotions
Into the Divine
Future Farmers of America
New Sensations
Dirty Blvd.
Satellite of Love
Encore break
The Original Wrapper
Pale Blue Eyes
Rock and Roll
Walk on the Wild Side
I'll Be Your Mirror/


- I'll be your Mirror fades out after 2:26, taper ran out of tape :(

- Assembled seamlessly, suggested disc split 13/14

- No other EQ or normalizing done

- Recorded and transferred by Pepperman

- Assembled, tagged and uploaded by Popskull 11/13

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