Lou Reed - 1989-04-13 Paramount Theatre, Denver FM

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Lou Reed - 1989-04-13 Paramount Theatre, Denver FM

Post by schnittstelle » 08 Oct 2018 15:53

Lou Reed - 1989-04-13 Paramount Theatre, Denver FM FLAC

Thanks a lot to taper and uploader!

Lou Reed
Paramount Theatre, Denver
April 13, 1989
Lineage: Fm broadcast - CDR (received by trade) - EAC - FLAC - YOU

Setlist: (FM broadcast)

01 Dirty Blvd.
02 Endless Cycle
03 Last Great American Whale
04 Beginning Of A Great Adventure
05 Busload Of Faith
06 I Love You, Suzanne
07 One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
08 Doin' The Things That We Want To
09 Rock 'N' Roll
10 Video Violence
11 The Original Wrapper
12 Sweet Jane
13 Walk On The Wild Side

Hi everybody!
I uploaded this show some time ago, but after some requests, I'm going to upload it again for you all!
When this one is ready, I'll upload "Bottom Line 21/5/1978", so keep an eye on dime to grab it!
This one it's a FM recording, it sound quite good, though the first songs sound better than the final
ones... Anyway, if you are a Lou FAN, you can't miss any of the shows... :-D

Take care!

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