Lou Reed - 1979-09-21 Miller Theater, New York City AUD

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Lou Reed - 1979-09-21 Miller Theater, New York City AUD

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Lou Reed - 1979-09-21 Miller Theater, New York City AUD FLAC

Thanks a lot to taper and uploader!

Lou Reed
Live at the Miller Theater, Columbia University
Friday, 21 September 1979

Lineage: CD-Rs received in trade -> Back to Wav with ACXtractor -> 2-second gaps removed with Creative WaveStudio -> FLAC 8

This was the rehearsal show for the Autumn 1979 European leg of Lou Reed’s “The Bells” Tour, and even more significantly, this was a historic show for fans of Suzanne Vega.
Suzanne has repeatedly regaled audiences and interviewers alike with tales of a date who took her to her first rock concert, a 1979 Lou Reed perfomance.

Though she claims she was appalled by his on-stage behavior -- swearing and flicking lit cigarettes into the audience -- the show still impressed her: "Suddenly it hit me that I could write about things I had experienced without softening up the edges or apologizing for it or putting it in a nice package necessarily," recalled Vega in the Los Angeles Times.

And this was the very show that gave Suzanne that revelation, made her a fan of Mr. Reed, and eventually influenced her composition of her most notable hit, "Luka" -- two decades later, Suzanne admitted she "was listening to Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’ album on the day that I wrote ‘Luka’, probably to sharpen and focus myself."

Disc One
1. Sweet Jane 5:20
2. I’m Waiting for the Man 7:23
3. I’ll Be Your Mirror 6:36
4. Perfect Day 5:42
5. Leave Me Alone 8:56
6. Men of Good Fortune 4:48
7. The Kids 5:28
8. The Bed 5:32
9. Caroline Says II 4:50
10. Looking for Love 6:41
11. Coney Island Baby 12:10

Disc Two
12. All Through the Night 15:19
13. Street Hassle 11:57
14. Rock and Roll / You Keep Me Hangin’ On 14:10
15. Heroin 18:00

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