LOU REED 1975-07-19 Sydney, Australia (Waz From Oz master tapes - new transfer)

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LOU REED 1975-07-19 Sydney, Australia (Waz From Oz master tapes - new transfer)

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LOU REED 1975-07-19 Sydney, Australia (Waz From Oz master tapes - new transfer)

Basically Uncirculated

Lou Reed

1975 Australian Tour
Hordern Pavilion
Sydney, NSW
19th July 1975

CD 1
01. Sweet Jane
02. Coney Island Baby
03. I’m Waiting For The Man
04. Satellite Of Love
05. Leave Me Alone
06. Heroin
07. Vicious
08. How Do You Think It Feels?

CD 2
01. Walk On The Wide Side
02. Ride Sally Ride
03. Charley’s Girl

04. White Light / White Heat
05. It’s Too Late Mama
06 Rock And Roll > Annie Had A Baby

From the Master Cassettes (Hitachi UD C90 Minute & Sony C 30 Minute)
Recorded By Waz From Oz & Ruby
Artwork Waz From Oz
2018 transfer and mixing thanks to audiowhore


Band Personal

Lou Reed - Vocals & Guitar
Doug Yule - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Bruce Yaw - Bass Guitar
Marty Fogel - Saxophone
Michael Suchorsky - Drums
Michael Fonfara - Keyboards


After a lot of searching audiowhore & myself have come up with all confirmed Australian 1975 Tour dates gathered from various newspapers articles, tour ads, ticket stubs, photos & recordings.
Cassettes of the Sydney 15th July & Brisbane 17th July concerts appear in a photo in Lou’s Archive at The New York Public Library. We’ve positive there are no missing concerts from the list below.

1975 Australian Tour

1. Sydney 13th – Lou arrives Sydney airport & holds a short press conference.
Later that night Lou performs Walk On The Wild Side & Happy Together with Flo & Eddie at their concert at the Sydney Town Hall.

2. Sydney 15th July - Hordern Pavilion

3. Brisbane 17th July - Festival Hall

4. Sydney 19th July - Hordern Pavilion

5. Melbourne 20th July - Lou arrives in Melbourne and talks to the media for an hour at the airport

6. Melbourne 21st July – Festival Hall

7. Perth 22nd July - Lou arrives at Perth airport & gives a press conference

8. Perth 23rd July - Perth Concert Hall - 2 Shows – Early & Late Shows

9. Adelaide 28th July - Festival Theatre

10. Melbourne 29th July - Festival Hall

If one is interested in the background of the 1975 Australian tour as well as the music in this torrent please read on but if one isn’t then I suggest that you stop here & go no further. Don’t be a piss weak sod & write TLTR in torrent comments or in PM’s as has happened.

But thanks to all who have given positive comments & thanks in my past torrents.


Waz From Oz Reminisces

Sydney 19th July 1975
For some reason we didn’t attend the first Lou Reed Sydney show on the 15th July but I’d go with that was because we couldn’t afford the $6.10 ticket price.
Laugh but that was a lot of dosh to fork out for us then under 20’s!
Ruby & myself managed to score decent tickets in the front section for the second show on the 19th July which was added when the first show quickly sold out.
For those of those that had seen Lou on his 1974 Aussie Tour, this one nearly 11 months later was completely different in so many ways.
What a difference those 11 months had made to Lou’s appearance, no longer was he junkie thin, nor sporting a bleached blond crew cut.
This time around he now was a tad pudgy, his hair was back to its natural colour albeit longer with curls, no shades were to be seen & he played guitar!

The 1974 tour was guitar dominated but in the 1975 shows the saxophone was heavily featured throughout the show.
It can be heard on this recording but I do remember it being louder in the mix at the actual show.
Many of the songs we heard that night were unknown to us, such as Coney Island Baby, Charley’s Girl (with different lyrics) both these would appear on the LP Coney Island Baby in January 1976.
Leave Me Alone didn’t make a official appearance till the Street Hassle LP in 1978.
It’s Too Late Mama to my knowledge has never released officially.

At that time we were mystified by the Annie Had A Baby segment in the extended Rock And Roll.
Research shows that this song was first recorded by Hank Ballard & the Midnighters way back in 1954. It was their follow up answer song to Work With Me Annie.
Apparently Lou was a big fan of the songs

This time around his songs were peppered with swear words, you know motherfucker, fucking, f*** this, f*** that, cock sucker.
This might have been the first tour where the coloured girls in Walk On The Wild Side became n*****r chicks.
I don’t think any artist before this tour had sworn so much on stage in Australia, being immature 19 years olds Ruby & myself thought it was dead set fabulous!

When Satellite Of Love finishes there is a short period of tuning up during which a bout of audience whistling starts up.
Lou comes out with “Be different if we were the Grateful Dead, wouldn’t bother”.
I’ve no idea to what he is referring to with this nod to the Grateful Dead.
The audience were far more vocal this tour shouting out comments plus song requests, which most likely is the reason Lou stops the show twice to berate someone.

Incident One - After How Do You Think It Feels?

The first incident comes right after How Do You Think It Feels ends.
Have no idea why but Lou says “Eat your heart out” followed soon after by “Eat A Wallaby” (a smaller breed of Kangaroo) but someone has surely upset him.
Then he says “He’s all yours, if he talks, he’s talking during your set so..... Ok?”
In-between Lou speaking you can hear audience comments in lower tones such as “Shut up ya prick” followed by “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.
Quite a few calls for Billy (Sally Can’t Dance LP track) can be heard then Lou pipes up with “Think about what you want to do yet?”.
More yelling then more Lou again with “Yes or no, I can’t hear you”.

Incident Two - After Ride Sally Ride

The second incident is after Ride Sally Ride finishes & Mr Reed is even more annoyed, don’t know if it’s the same person from incident one.
This I do remember as security came over after Lou motions to them, seems some individual right in front of him has got on his nerves.
Lou says to the security guys while pointing to the offender “If you can’t shut this asshole up really, that one, this one right here” to the audiences approval.
The culprit must have been annoying those around him as well.
A audience wag yells out “Suck him off”, is this aimed at Lou, the security or the irritating audience member?
Another audience member obviously doesn’t like the way the offender has been removed so in his Aussie accent he yells out “Welcome To Ashwhich” of course this upset concert goer means Auschwitz.
Lou continues with “That’s exactly what we’re doing, I don’t want him to get in the way of other people who paid money to get in, probably a journalist!” which receives another round of applause.

No more outbursts after this. All in all another great Lou Sydney gig, summed up by the guy saying "Incredible" in the audience applause just before the tape ends.

You can still hear the odd creak coming from the old Hordern seats but they aren’t as loud as in the Blondes Have More Fun recording so they must have had a good oiling since 1974 ;-)


Waz From Oz

Once again this show has remained basically uncirculated, I’ve only traded cassette copies of it with some Lou fans in the UK.
Someone did make a 2CD-R in the early days of CD-R burning from an unknown cassette generation, it had the last two songs out of order with fade in’s.
This source is also on youtube but missing Sweet Jane while Coney Island Baby & I’m Waiting For My Man are in reverse order.


Lou might have been different on stage in Australia 1975 but his short press conferences in Sydney & Perth were more of the same!

Sydney Morning Herald - 14th July 1975

Lou Reed fails to sing for the press

The rock singer Lou Reed proved to be less than a friend of the Australian press when he arrived in Sydney yesterday.
At a brief, crowded press conference at Sydney Airport, Mr Reed who has been nicknamed the “animal of rock” said journalists were “replaceable” and asked if reporters could ask him “nice” questions.
What questions he didn’t say, but repeated those put to him.
On his work as a rock singer, he said “I didn’t want to work, that is how I got into it (music)..... I just want the money and then out.”
Mr Reed made it clear he was not pleased with his reception at the start of this, his second Australia tour in a year.
“I’d rather be doing anything than this,” he said.
At the beginning of the interview, after having spent nearly an hour into customs, he said “I hope that when I grow up I can be a Customs Official.”
He will appear at the Hordern Pavilion tomorrow night.

Some of the Sydney 1975 Press Conference can be seen here-

The West Australian 23rd July 1975

By Rock Alone
Lou Reed - one of the biggest names\in rock and roll - arrived in Perth yesterday with a very firm idea of his role as a singer.
He does not believe in songs that bear messages and says that his work is pure rock and roll.
“I have no right to expound my theories in my songs, or give my opinions” he said at Perth Airport.
“I don’t want to hear other people’s opinions so why should they have to put up with mine?
He will give two concerts at the concert hall tonight


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