John Cale - 2018-12-07 Hamburg, GER, reseed

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John Cale - 2018-12-07 Hamburg, GER, reseed

Post by schnittstelle » 24 Dec 2018 15:18

John Cale - 2018-12-07 Hamburg, GER, reseed

John Cale and Orchestra
Hamburg, GER
Elbphilharmonie, Großer Saal

*****this is a reseed - torrent was banned because of incorrect date Format, there are no changes to the originally torrent, except the Format of date!*****

Audio attributes:
Audio coding mode: uncompressed wav (linear PCM)
Recording sampling rate: 44,1kHz/16 bit
Sampling rate of flac files: 44,1kHz/16 bit
Number of audio channels: 2.0
normalizing and mastering with ADOBE Audition3 (preset: "make room for vocals")
recorded by: rebelrivers
Audio Quality: A

Linage: DPA4061-->XLR-Adapter DAD 6001-->ZoomH4n-->SDCard--->USB2.0--->HDD
--->track-splitting with Adobe Audition 3.0
flac/ compression level 5--->Dime--->you
recorded by: rebelrivers
balcony, centre of stage (distance 25m)

01 Frozen Warnings (Nico cover)
02 Story of Blood
03 Magritte
04 Hedda Gabler
05 The Legal Status of Ice
06 Mary
07 Guts
08 Half Past France
09 Coral Moon
10 Close Watch
11 Helen of Troy
12 Wasteland
13 Hatred
14 Macbeth

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