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LOU REED 1975-07-28 Adelaide, Australia - Soundboard tape from the Waz from Oz archive

Posted: 31 Mar 2019 07:18
by schnittstelle
LOU REED 1975-07-28 Adelaide, Australia - Soundboard tape from the Waz from Oz archive

From the Waz From Oz Archives


1975 Australian Tour
Festival Theatre
Adelaide, South Australia
28th July 1975

Soundboard recording, also known as the Doug Yule Tape

01. Sweet Jane
02. Coney Island Baby
03. Leave Me Alone
04. Satellite Of Love
05. Ride Sally Ride
06. Charley’s Girl
07. Kicks
08. White Light/ White Light
09. It’s Too Late Mama
11. Rock And Roll > Annie Had A Baby > Work With Me Annie (Fades Out)

bonus soundboard tracks from unknown Australian city in 1975

12. Ride Sally Ride
13. Charley's Girl
14. White Light / White Heat
15. It’s Too Late Mama

Thanks To WGL For The Original Cassette
Thanks to audiowhore for 2019 transfer and mix of the cassette
Artwork By Waz From Oz


Hello Lou fans,
This cassette of an incomplete Australia 1975 Tour concert first came to light sometime around 1986, not too long afterwards I received a copy of it thanks to WGL.
Since it surfaced it has true or false been referred to as a dub from Doug Yule’s personal copy so here I’ll refer to it as the Doug Yule tape.
Yule played guitar on the 1975 World tour, the last leg of this tour was Australia / New Zealand in July & August.
The date of this tape from the get go has always been stated as 17/7/75 or in yank speak 7/17/75 which ends up down under as the 17th July 1975 & the city was always given as Adelaide.
In trading circles it has always appeared as Adelaide 17th July 1975.

Last year audiowhore & myself undertook a lengthy period of trying to compile a complete record of Lou’s Australian 1975 concert dates (which to my knowledge had never been attempted before).
There were always big gaps in-between known dates but we finally uncovered all the dates of this tour.
We found previously undocumented gigs such as the two Perth shows on the same day plus a now 100% confirmed 2nd Melbourne show on the 29th July.
Then we discovered multiple newspaper ads for a 17th July 1975 Brisbane concert making it the second show of the tour.
Lastly we found a newspaper concert review plus ticket stub for an Adelaide concert held on the 28th July 1975.

So we had a real musical mystery, is this Doug Yule soundboard recording from Brisbane 17th July 1975 or Adelaide 28th July 1975?
Well that mystery has now been solved, dead set I can hear some of you saying ;-) without going into much detail at this point in time it now has been 100% confirmed that this recording is indeed from the Festival Theatre, Adelaide on the 28th July 1975.
It was the date that was always wrong.

The original tape is rather hissy at times, I’ve owned two versions, (both unknown generations) but the one used for this torrent I’m told was nearer the master.
Both cassettes had cuts between songs, the 2nd version had minutes of just hiss between songs, where as the 1st didn’t - it just had short gaps.
audiowhore has cleaned these up and I believe that this recording is now in an improved sound quality.

Some years ago I was given a CD-R of 4 more soundboard songs from the 1975 Australian tour but it came with no info regarding city or date.
The same 4 songs some time later appeared on the 1997 Lou silver bootleg entitled 'Banging On My Drums' where they are credited as being from Perth on the 7th Of July.
Another incorrect date as Perth was on the 23rd of July, the tour didn’t start until the 15th of July!
So a new mystery arises about this tape, where is this from & is it even in Perth let alone Australia?
Looking at the available 1975 set lists I discovered that It’s Too Late Mama seemed to be only played in Japan / Australia but it looks like Charley’s Girl made it’s live debut in Australia.
So that narrows it down to these 4 tracks being recorded somewhere in Australia.
For years I’d automatically assumed that these 4 songs were the same versions as on the Doug Yule Adelaide tape, I’d never bothered to made a comparison, that is until earlier this month.
Now I can safely says these 4 tracks are not the same versions appearing on the 1975 Doug Yule tape.
Roughly similar renditions but they’re different performances, interesting that Charley's Girl has totally different lyrics to version on the Doug Yule version.


Here’s a review of the Adelaide 28th July concert.

Adelaide Advertiser
29th July 1975
Reed intense in rock-‘n-roll

It’s difficult to describe one of the best concerts you have ever seen, almost as difficult wondering how many better versions of his songs Lou Reed is going to do.
At the Festival Theatre, “Sally Ride “and a peaceful night Reed introduced another of his infamous images – that of the leader of a powerhouse rock- ‘n-rock band who cared about the music.
For a change, the only symbol he stood for was an exciting singer responsible for exciting songs played by enthusiastic ace musicians.
There were no sinister connotations as Reed walked on stage and began “Sweet Jane”
The music started was sustained and ceased without relief from the intense level of rock ‘n-roll.
After two songs I didn’t recognise he hit us with “Satellite Of Love”, “Ride Sally Ride” and a peaceful hypnotic version of “Heroin”.
When Reed handed his guitar to the roadie we thought we were in for an early night, but the band returned with “White Light, White Heat” which produced a stunning guitar solo from Yule while Reed looked on with quiet admiration.
Eventually the singer was inspired into performing his crazy puppet dance as an accompaniment.
Lucky strike!
Another encore and none other than “Rock–‘n-Roll a fitting climax to a breathtaking concert.

Patrick Miles.


Patrick's review was far better & realistic than the vomit inducing review Helen Barrett wrote of the next night's Melbourne concert!

Thanks again to audiowhore.

More Lou at a later date.



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