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John Cale, 2019-06-09, DMZ Peace Train Music Festival (aud/flac)

Posted: 11 Jun 2019 13:48
by schnittstelle
John Cale, 2019-06-09, DMZ Peace Train Music Festival (aud/flac)

John Cale
DMZ Peace Train Music Festival
South Korea
2019-06-09 (9 June 2019)

01 - intro -
02 Heartbreak hotel (Elvis Presley)
03 Ship of fools *
04 I'm waiting for the man (Velvet Underground)
05 Half past France
06 Dirty ass rock 'n' roll
07 Ghost story
08 Fear is a man's best friend
09 - tuning -
10 Venus in furs (Velvet Underground
11 Hatred
12 Gun / Pablo Picasso (Modern Lovers) *

* With So!YoON! of Se So Neon on guitar

Lineage: Zoom iQ7 > iPhone XR > HandyRec (wav) > MacBook Pro > Audacity (normalise, track splitting) > xACT (flac) > you

The DMZ Peace Train Festival is way out towards the demilitarized zone at the North Korean border, about an hour and a half from Seoul. When my minivan arrived, the driver told us he'd be heading back at 10pm, so "unfortunately we'd have to miss the last act..." I quickly explained that John Cale ("the last act") was literally the only reason for me being there. Thankfully, he went out of his way to book me on to another, later bus. Good guy.

Anyway, the weather was pretty dismal all day, but there was some decent music to be heard. Mostly Korean, some foreign, some alien... Also: there was beer.

I recorded this from about ten meters from the stage, dead center. The sound is pretty good, although this recording too could use a gentle bass boost, but I decided to share it as is. Bit of an annoying inebriated idiot to my left at the start of Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll, but nothing serious.

Towards the end of Venus In Furs, John lost his balance or tripped and went completely down. As it was unclear what happened, I feared we were watching a live massive heart attack going down. As you can hear, the band grinds to a halt, John is helped to his feet again, and (much to my surprise and relief) actually continues the show! 77 Years old and hard as nails, that man!



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