John Cale - CBGB's - New York, New York - late December 1978 [24/48]

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John Cale - CBGB's - New York, New York - late December 1978 [24/48]

Post by PhantomRaspberryBlower » 25 Jul 2019 13:24

Not my torrent, but this is happening over at Dime -
27-31 December 1978 (exact night unknown)
New York City, New York

Low generation audience recording by psycherelics on unknown equipment> TDK D-C90 normal bias cassette> Nakamichi Dragon >
Edirol R09-HR (capture to WAV 24bit/48kHz)> CD Wave Editor tracksplit> xACT (FLAC level 8)

Thanks to bcingyou for the writeup.

This tape includes some of the same songs found on official ROIR cassette plus extras not on cassette. Quality is better on ROIR release and of different origin: ... se/1193736
Later release on LP that has a few extra tracks and differing titles: ... se/2514594

01 Dance Of The Seven Veils/Helen Of Troy*
02 Jack The Ripper At The Moulin Rouge**
03 Casey At The Bat*
04 Evidence
05 Even Cowgirls Get The Blues*
06 Baby You Know
07 Don't Know Why She Came*
08 Taking It All Away
09 Mercenaries (Ready For War)
10 Fucking Your Neighbour's Wife
11 Somebody Should Have Told Her*
12 Hold Me Down
13 Auld Lang Syne
14 Mr. Wilson
15 Pablo Picasso

* tracks found on ROIR cassette, which I own, but are NOT the same performances, so derive from a different night. In fact, there were two shows each night, but it's
unknown which one this is taken from.

** track found on Special Stock Records LP version. As this issue is extremely rare and expensive, I have not verified if it derives from the same night or not.
If it is, and can be demonstrated, this seed can be banned and redone without this track.

Backing band for John Cale:
Judy Nylon: vocal
Ritchie Fliegler: lead guitar
Ivan Kral: bass (Patti Smith Group)
Alan Lanier: guitar (Blue Oyster Cult)
Bruce Brody: keyboards
Jay Dee Dougherty: drums
Robert Medici: drums on 31 Dec 1979

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Re: John Cale - CBGB's - New York, New York - late December 1978 [24/48]

Post by dial4 » 27 Jul 2019 00:08

Interesting but sound is muffled with some cuts.

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